Terms & Conditions

JCA Transport LLC is a 3rd party Logistics provider. The carriers we contract have limited Liability as outlined by acceptable international and domestic law.

JCA Transport will offer insurance for loss at the request of the customer/shipper. Failure to request insurance prior to a shipment being booked will be deemed as the customer declining insurance.

JCA Transport will never be liable for the following:

  1. Shortage of articles in a sealed container provioded the seal is not broken
  2. Customs or Government official delays or loss resulting from customs inspections or seizures
  3. Packing services provided by JCA or a representative, and the contents within
  4. Uncrated or Unpackaged materials, or any materials deemed by JCA to be improperly packed
  5. Loss or shartage of materials when multiple pieces are contained within a pallet or crate
  6. Delay in pickup or Delivery
  7. Intrinsic Loss
  8. Consequential damages including but not limited to, actual, potential, or assumed loss of profits, income, interest markets, and/or use of contents due to damage, loss, or delay whether or not JCA has knowledge that such damages might be incurred
  9. Any other cause for which JCA has no liability under applicable law.

Please contact JCA Transport if you have any questions regarding the above mentioned terms